Finding inspiration: Titchwell Bird Reserve


One of the best things about creating work which is inspired by nature these days is that it is giving me more motivation to actually get out into natural spaces and explore the natural habitats around me.

I’ve always been an obsessive photographer, but until recently these photos were just collections of pretty images, an archive of nice memories all huddled together hibernating on my hard drive.  Recently they have taken on a new role, and I’m discovering that it is really useful to have a resource of my own copyright owned images to be able to refer to for papercuts and drawings.


Just after Christmas my family went on a walk to a beach side bird reserve on the North Norfolk Coast, and because the light was lovely for the first time in living memory (Cumbrian winters can be long and bleak), I lagged behind taking dozens of photos. I didn’t get any good photos of birds, just some blurry ones, but it was really nice just to observe and capture the colours, textures and shapes of the plants. There are so many tiny scenes of intricate beauty all over the place, and I feel like my art has almost given me new eyes to see them properly.





Just flicking through these photos is giving me so many new ideas for papercuts and illustrations….oh if only I had the time at the moment to spend more time in my sketchbook. But I’m glad I got to add these images to my little ‘photos to one day use for endless drawing when I don’t have to do the washing up or go to work’ album.


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