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Using my colouring page as a papercut template

In my last post I shared the first of my free monthly colouring pages, which you can still download HERE until the 14th of May.

I didn’t design this image to be a papercut template but I thought it would be fun to have a try at converting it as I went along. I printed the original image onto a piece of my favourite  Canson’s Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper and just got cutting!


There was a lovely spell of sunny days so I convinced myself I could work on it outside. It was a disaster. I haven’t made a mistake for months and I made two in the first 5 minutes! Working ‘en plein air’ is not for me it seems, far too many distractions.



Back at home in the safety of my sun-less, quiet studio I completed the papercut without further chaos.


This is quite a complicated image and so probably isn’t the best to start with for your first papercut. But if you would like to have a go, a few tips which might help you to be successful are:

  • Some of the image uses very fine lines for detail, especially in the kingfisher. Think about how you can take away small fragments to suggest a shape or a line rather then trying to cut an extremely thin line.
  • Sketch lightly with a pencil where these changes will need to be made so you don’t get confused as you work. Shading in the bits that you plan to remove is even better!
  • Cut the detailed parts of the flowers first, then cut away the outlines. It’s really difficult to cut detail once the paper is more delicate.
  • Take it slowly! I use papercutting as a bit of a meditation, and nothing makes me happier then getting into the ‘flow’. However, if I try to make work in a rush or when I’m stressed I always make more mistakes.

If you’d like to have a go using my image as a papercut template then feel free to do so, although please remember it is only for personal, non-commercial use. But by all means frame it for your home or give it as a gift!

I would love to see the finished papercuts too. If you’re on instagram use the hashtag #storiesinpapercolours and I’ll be able to see the magic you’ve made!

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