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Patterned papercut bird shadow puppets


When my daughter was 10 months old her perception of the world around her began to expand hugely! One day I experienced a really beautiful moment watching her watch crows flying and landing in a big tree.


It was so lovely I decided to make her some crow shadow puppets that I could use to entertain her in the evenings. I had read that babies love the contrast of black and white and pattern (well mine certainly did!) so I also used a scalpel to cut geometric patterns into the bird silhouettes. These ended up being my papercut pattern bird shadow puppets.

bird_shadow_puppets_title 01_2016

I drew the outline of the birds onto 210gsm black card with a white pen. I also drew lots of different patterns on the birds and in their wings. I cut the outlines out first, and then went on to the smaller details.




After I had finished cutting the details, I coloured over the white lines with permanent black pen to cover them up.


I then attached the puppets to wooden dowels with some hot glue and black tape.




Although they aren’t appropriate for a baby to hold or play with, before she wanted to do everything herself my little girl really loved watching me make silhouettes with them. They are very fragile, and next time I think I’ll laminate them before attaching them to they sticks to make them last that bit longer.



Of course, I quite like playing with them too.


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