Colouring pages

July’s free colouring page

So on the other side of moving house, here finally is July’s free colouring page (and technically also June’s because I didn’t manage to do one.)

Recently I have been exploring a sea creature theme in my papercutting, which I am absolutely loving. I feel like there is an endless amount of beautiful creatures to discover. This month I have drawn a jellyfish for the colouring page, which I hope you enjoy colouring as much as I enjoyed drawing it! You can download it HERE until the 15th of August.

June colouring page jellyfish

July 2016 colouring page 04July 2016 colouring page 02July 2016 colouring page 03

I’ll be replacing this with a new colouring page on the 15th of August, and this month I will make sure I do (no excuses like moving house this month!).

As always if you do use the colouring page and would like to share it, please put it on instagram using the hashtag #storiesinpapercolours so I can see it too.

I hope you enjoy it!

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