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August’s free starfish colouring page

Once again I’m happy to share my free colouring page for you to download and use! This month I’ve made an image of a rock pool, with a starfish at the centre.

Aug colouring page 03

Recently my work has become more and more focused on sea creatures and marine life. I am amazed at the diversity of life in the sea, and I recently discovered that round 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in oceans, and it is thought that up to 94% of life on our planet is found here. A little bit closer to home I’ve spent this summer researching the marine life near me by visiting the Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s events, and learning everything I can about life in the Irish Sea.

Screen shot 2016-08-14 at 15.24.22


Therefore this month I decided to make a drawing of a rock pool, featuring a common starfish, sea anemones and seaweeds. A few facts about starfish: they are actually called sea stars, and are not a fish but an Echinoderm. There are around 1500 species of starfish which live at all levels in the ocean. They don’t all have 5 arms, for example the sun star has up to 40 arms, and if they lose a limb it regenerates (although please don’t test this out as that would be terrible!). Finally they don’t swim but ‘walk’ on the hundreds of tiny tubes underneath their body. Basically they are awesome.

August colouring in page Starfish

As always you can download this page HERE for free for a month until September 15th, and then it’ll be replaced with something new. If you would like to share your finished page please use the hashtag #storiesinpapercolours so I can see it too!

Aug colouring page 04

Happy colouring!


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