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9 lessons I learnt from doing my first art fair

At the end of July I took the exciting step of having a stand at an art fair. The thought of art fairs has always been a bit scary to me – having to pay money for a stand with no guarantee of making it back, and even worse having to stand in front of your work all weekend and watch people looking at it or hearing what they think about it…pretty frightening in my book. Now I’m not exactly a stranger to art fairs and their ways as for about 5 years I was on the committee of the British printmaking festival Printfest, and had visited many others. So this year I decided to go for it, and worked on the basis that no matter what happened I would learn something. And indeed I did. So here are my 9 lessons I learnt from doing my first art fair. Continue reading “9 lessons I learnt from doing my first art fair”

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The 10 things I learnt from my first solo cafe exhibition

Solo exhibition 09

When I was asked over a year ago if I wanted to exhibit my art in a local cafe for two months I said yes without really thinking through what it meant. When you’ve spent the last 7 years working on big community projects which result in hundreds of people taking to the streets wearing/ carrying/ becoming art putting up a few pictures in a cafe doesn’t seem that hard at all.

Well, I now know this was very naive indeed. I’ve exhibited in lots of group shows before, but up until recently my paper based artwork has been very disparate and constantly changing. I knew I wanted to use this opportunity to create a new body of work that would help me to kick-start my dream of spending more time in my studio working, but I had NO IDEA how much work this would actually be. So I have complied a list of the 10 things I learnt from my first solo cafe exhibition, in the hopes that it will be of use to anyone else who is dipping their toes into exhibiting and selling work in a small, local show.

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